Land Rover Wedding Booking Form – New Booking

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You have received a new for=
m submission for the form Land Rover Wedding Booking Form. Here are the det=

Are you booking on behalf of the bride and groom?=09YesYour name=09Shona=
RobertsonYour email=09shona.m.robertson@gmail.comYou=
r phone=0907956870829B=
ride full name=09Shona RobertsonBride phone=0907956870829Bride
Groom full name=09Shona Robertso=
nGroom email=09retm@bl=
undells.comGroom phone=0907956870819Best man name=09Jon Moore Best man mo=
oice address=0932 West Grove road
Ex2 4lu =09Bride & gro=
om chauffeured from ceremony to receptionWedding date=0918 Aug 2018Bride pick up time=0900:00 amCeremony start time=0915:00 pm=
Ceremony or church venue=09 St Cathe=
rine=E2=80=99s Church, Towersey, OX9 3QLReception venue=09Westfield Farm, Long Crendon, Buckingha=
mshire, HP18 9EW

We would also like to quickly stop at the pub at the top of the road for a =
drink before getting to the farm so we aren=E2=80=99t first. I hope that is=
possible Landrover ribbons=09WhiteChampagne=09YesAccept Terms and Conditio=

Unique ID: #61
Date: 9th May 2018
Time: 8:45 am

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